I have never liked the words "can’t", "don’t" or "no". I believe that you should always try. Nothing is beyond your reach except the things you put there.


After cleaning up my diet due to food allergies and sensitivities and learning of my sister's newly developed severe food allergies, (which limit her to a strict diet), I noticed there are not many bakery options for those of us with food-related allergies. The options that are available are not pretty, and at times barely edible. When I asked why this was no one had a good answer. Most said “we can’t" or "we don’t" or just plain "NO” I took my frustrations to my sister and together we started creating recipes for our families and friends. After many laughter and music-filled failures and triumphs, we decided to make our delicious treats for everyone suffering from food-related allergies. We always use the best high-end ingredients for all our clients with allergies or without.

Gluten, nut, egg, dairy, sugar-free, and organic options no longer have to be plain boring cardboard. Now you can have a beautiful custom designed cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and much more.


There is nothing we won’t try to make safe for everyone.


 We pride ourselves on maintaining close contact with our customers,  throughout the design and baking process to ensure everything is perfectly tailored to their requests and dietary needs.